Sunday, May 06, 2007

WWF - "Wacky Wild Fight"

Round 1: Standing on a hill to see where your rival was located... Spotted xiao bao (A.K.A xiao yuan yuan) on the ground.

Round 2: Rival Yuan Yuan in position for a good fight...

Round 3: We will fight till the end..(*where we will each get a smack on the bum for fighting)

Final Round: Words of Appeal from Da Bao:We are exhausted. Stop touching my leg or the rest of my body. *Judge, Judge, please pull this crazy cat away from me....*

Disclaimer: No animal are hurt in the WWF.All fighters are trimmed of their sharp claws.

Da Bao (Cat with white mask) & Xiao Bao (or xiao yuan yuan) are members of the WWF.

Other wrestlers included: DD V Xiami, Xiami V Ah Du.

The judges: Sweetie & KK will ensure a fair fight between the oponents while the 'silly' human judges will take photographs of this 'world event'

Viewing time of the next fight will be kept up-to-date.

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