Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wondering Wondering if i should open another blog for getai?

Jennifer say: Photobucket

I was reading my comments pages. If one is active in blogger, you should know you can set comments to be authorise to publish only when you allow it. I realised i got many cat lovers comments that had yet to be published. Really miss the old times when cat lovers posted sweet comments on my blog.

Not sure if i should devote this blog for my cats and open another blog for my getai? quite a hassle as i will need to redo on another new blog actually. Not sure what i wan to do, think most likely the lazy bon bon cat in me will just be more active in my cats entries in this blog as well.

I had label all my entries actually. It is a sweet memory to read my cats entries. I heart my cats... I heart getai... I heart all my readers whom forgive me for my sometimes full of errors entries and inform me...

Okay, i made up my mind. I will just keep everything in this blog.. i just things simple, not to complicated to switch here and there for different topics. MEOW


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I'm a lazy person, I everything in one blog, keke


jennifer_yq said...

Ya lor, not too ma fan mah, otherwise need to remmember so many passwords.. :)

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