Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Getai Performanace @Bishan Blk 261, 05/09/2012 农历7月20日 event: Bishan North 中元会 host:Hao Hao, Guo Min ,南艺娱乐制作

Jennifer say:

05/09/2012 农历7月20日 (Wed):

 Went to Bishan tonight. Quite enjoy tonight getai. Although there are lot of ppl, i am able to stand near the centre of the stage to get a clear view. Mum sat in the middle of the field watching.

I tried to upload a video of vanassa singing"My heart will go on", first time upload video received copyright warning. I not yet remove the video, wait and see attitude. I had rename the file by not mentioning the song title, still got the stupid copyright warning, Pek cek, i dun care liao, just remove if they wan.

Photobucket The Crowd tonight. Again and again, i dun care about surrounding ah peks and ran all the way past them. If got gap, i will stand -- i am not too fat anyway so will ensure ppl next to me still got space to stand. I am not too tall anyway so will ensure ppl behind me are not blocked by me.

Photobucket Kai Qing

Photobucket Guan Xue Er

Photobucket Hao Hao trying to sing 帝女花 with Xue er.

Photobucket Xie Wen

Photobucket Hao Hao performance time

Photobucket Vanessa Wen

Photobucket 龙飞风舞

Photobucket Dong Shi Qiang

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