Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Getai Performanace @Blk 689 Hougang on 02/10/2012 农历8月17日 event:孙聖山宫Host: Xu Qiong Fang, Band: 骑士,荣华歌台

Jennifer say:

 02/10/2012 农历8月17日(Tue):

Went to nearby Hougang to watch getai again. Since tonight venue is quite near home, decided to go. Never regret going except for one negative point, the area is super hot.
Quite nice to listen to Tian Yue songs. Record two of his songs. Tonight listen to LV sisters songs carefully for the first time. I seldom get the chance to hear them sing, think the last time i remember seeing them was last year at Hougang duo mu gong. I find them okay only. Recording their videos are quite a task as they did not stand close together most of the time. Anyway i only upload one of their teochew songs onto my youtube account.
Not much crowd tonight so i am able to get a super duper clear view and of course i brought my most trustful chair with me.
Photobucket Temple Banner

Photobucket Chen Xiao Xin

Photobucket Wu Pei Zhi, i love her 无人车站, record this very clear and nice at last.

Photobucket Tian Yue

Photobucket LV Sisters

Photobucket Zhuang Qingyu

Photobucket Lin Shi Ling, last singer

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