Thursday, December 27, 2012

★Getai Performanace @Blk 223 AMK on 27/12/2012★农历11月15日★ event :金英堂 ★ Host: Xu Qiong Fang★ Band: 新蚱蜢大乐队★Everbee风云劲娛乐传媒

Jennifer say:


Tonight mark day 6 of my getai Marathon and last night because fri and sat, i will not be watching any getai. Tonight i only enjoy Yu Yan Shan performance, like her performance. Tonight also late, arrived at 840pm but late is good because there are not many singers that i know how to appreciate their songs

Photobucket Huang Mei Qi, she is quite a good singer..but i just arrived so did not do any recording for her songs

Photobucket Mai Xiu Ling

Photobucket Xiu Feng

Photobucket 余艳姗

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