Monday, December 27, 2004

Horrible Tibal Waves

it is reali horrible. here in Singapore, a 3 year boy was rescued in Thailand while both his parents were missing. so the death toll for Singapore tourists: 2

It is hell in reality. living hell. the sence i saw on TV.

It all happened yesterday, 7 plus on a underwater earthquake that cause big waves to occur 2 hours later. 9 plus yesterday, i am still sleepin on my bed while ppl in the horrible sites were screaming and drowning.

the big waves occur onli 700 per year, why do i have to witness it happening? earthquake of 9.0 is the fourth largest quake since 1930s...a movie i watched called "The day after tomorrow" seem to reflect what happening now...the day after tomorrow that is today, monday.

up to date, close to 200 00 lifes were lost...muddy water everywhere....sign...lifes are gone... many foreigners were killed as it is the peak sesson of travelling and the day after chirstmas...esp many travelled to punket in Thailand...

my mum nagged at me today to treasure what we have...yeah, i do treasure what i have...America had state that if onli the 3nd world nation have the tibal waves warning..US try to warn them but in vaild...i wonder why say something that alreadi US expect 3rd world nation who cannot ever take care the hunger of their own ppl to take care of natural disaster. it is sad but it sort of unavoidable..even if US did issue an warning, would a family that depend on fishing for a living abandoned his onli source of income..

a SAD day for a after a reali dark chirstmas this not happi new year now.

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