Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Pet kingdom

hi, just wishing to update on my 'pets'..well..see a recent TV show, any pets that u feed is considered to be ur pet as long as u offer it food. They are all stray cats.

first of all, introducing Sweetie, the brown cat.
She v sweet, extremely tame and love to follow me esp around. My sis took her to our house for a one day stay but since my mum have issue abt cats goin into its litter box and steppin on her floor, cat is a big NO for us. i love the way that she will meow when i call her. of course onli for one time,cat are cats..never try to force them to do thing twice. i have picture of her but i did not know how to reduce her picture...maybe just paste her picture so u can see a gaint sweetie.

next came Ah-Ring. He v wild but love to follow u around. I like his ginger fur. never try to pet him while he lookin for 'mice' coz he will give u some little memory on u for disturbing him while he need peace.

third is Little black nose, he has a distinstive black nose with beautiful grey fur . his fur is v soft and i love to pet him since he do not mind ppl to pet him. he v tame too and never 'beg' for his food.

fourth is little white ears. From his name, he of course own a white ears and have white and black patches on him. He also another darling cat that love to eat. he can finish the bite and last of every fishes i feed him..but seldom feed him too much, got to share with his other stray siblings too.

fifth, sixth and seventh is the babysitter cat and her two baby kittens. why is the cat named babysitter, actually she called meow yeeyee. she actually take care of the two smaller kittens.. the two younger one are a pair of ginger kitty and a brown kitty. there used to be two other siblings..but one was missing and the other was not well so it was housed with someone. Once the little naughty mini-orange kitty climbed up the tree, the meow yeeyee keep staring at the tree and climbed up and down to 'teach' the kitty to come down. in the end, i managed to pop her down the tree.

There are still many strays in my area...there a fat brown cat..and a lot more..dun reali can list them all out.

well..next time i will post my home pets, hamsters and terrapins

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