Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Home sweet Home, the sequel

today at 7.10am, my mum was opening my bedroom and saying: "Sweetie the stray is outside our house." i woke up immediately, i can hear sweetie meowing..OMG, sweetie know the way to our house..this is the second time sweetie impressed us with her navigation skills. she know which unit is our flat and we live on the 8th floor..we did not take the stair whenever we took her back did sweetie know which unit is our a mystery.

anyway, sweetie the queen roamed around our room early morning and meowing for our attention while we are sleepy. finally sweetie settled down to sleep beside my sister bed...human and a fat cat sleeping peacefully...

mum then told us to take sweetie to the living room and sweetie keep meowing till i feed her,then she sleep..i bought a bag of frinkles (is this rite spelling, dun care, it my blog anyway) that cost me $ i can feed little black nose that onli eat cat package food like the one i bought.

goin to take sweetie for toilet break later...the problem with a cat in our house is we do not know how to train her to use the toilet. i meant the toilet we use mum do not like sweetie stepping on her litter box and then on our floor. so we need to take her downstairs every time my sister took her back home..this time, is sweetie came to find us..clever girl..

i saw a siamese cat with such beautiful baby blue eyes today..i think it is a guy..he reali tame too..will feed him next time plus his brushy brother that have a brushy tail..

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