Saturday, December 25, 2004


Today i feed sweetie the stray again. she reali sweet. now she learn where i usually feed her. she will move ahead of me and walked toward the place where i feed her. i experienced with her yesterday but not moving at all while sweetie move ahead.

Guess what, sweetie actually turn and look at me and meow. it just telling me:"YO, move lar, i want food."

Sweetie is among my fav cat. she love to be pet, u can shake her, touch her paws, she will nEver Bite nor try to injure you. i being stratch by cats for two times.

now sweetie has shift her 'home' to our block. she used to stay near the neighbour park near our flat but she follow us (my mum n younger sis) back to our void deck. now she seldom move back to the park and when we are downstairs, we try to make it a point to feed sweetie.

how i wish i can have sweetie as pet but mum dislike dirty cat steppin in their litter box so it a NO in our house. maybe it will be a YES in my own home when i start my own family...Gods know...

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