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Favorite TVB show 1: Golden Faith

Jennifer say:

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I not watched Golden Faith till it was esp 33. By that time, the character of the shows have more or less developed complicated.

All of the 'Eternal Happinese' Main leads casts in Golden Faith.(tryin to have reunion)

Raymond Lam: (was huangpu shao hua in Eternal) now is the evil oscar, the bad and only son of the Dings. He is the evil vilian in Golden Faith. Every drama need a extremely hateful person.

Michelle Yip: (was Meng Lijun in Eternal) now as Xiao Yu - the silly love bug whom try to match her elder sister to the person she really liked..She really stone without any real emotion in Golden of my least liked character.

Tavia Yeung: (was Ying Xue (lijun maid) in Eternal) now as Kiko- a stupid girl whom love the wrong guy, oscar.

Myolie Wu:(was Liu Yanyu in Eternal) now as Yin Yin, the youngest daugher of the Ding whom is slightly retarded. I like her character though hers was only a supporting role. She is able to protray as a innocent girl very well esp when she wailed whenever her two elder brother had fight at home.

My Favorite Character is gallen Lo as Ding Shang Ben (Ding adopted son whom is the chairperson as he has the biggest share in the company after his father death). His character is a MR GOODY goody man. He try to be the good brother to both his real brother, shoukang (Deric Wan) and his second brother, shan xing,oscar (raymond). Oscar is his father real son and yet when his adopted father died, most of his wills was left to shang ben.

Here what i watched and happened after esp 33:
Oscar is the gullible son of the Ding Feng Enterprise. He only listened to his uncle, tingrong words. Though his elder brother, shangben tried to teach him the right way of doing business, oscar turned from bad to worse. Oscar and ben father last will is to develop the Dings 999 gold business where gold bar will be painted with the Ding logo. The project involved large capital and will be developed by the Australia. However, the second uncle wanted oscar to invest in an investment company that oscar argreed at the objection of his brother.

Oscar was kidnapped by the evil uncle. Ben was supposed to take the ransom to the kidnappers but at the last minutes when Ben have the money in the briefcase, his uncle revealed to Ben mum (adopted mum) that Ben was not the real son of the Ding. His mum was the second wife of Dings so Ben normally called her auntie or ah yee. So the evil uncle go to the kidhappers and act a good show in front of Oscar. The uncle real motive is to take the money and act to be the hero when the kidnapper purposely beat him when the money was gone, and then the uncle can claimed that Ben did not take any money to save Oscar life--by doing this, the uncle can disrupte the peaceful life of the two brothers. Oscar escaped into the water and (did not drowned of course) went back to his house to blame his brother for not takin the $$ to the kidnappers) . Their relationship therefore soured.

In the end, his brother, ben was forced to leave the dings when he was found not to be the real son of the Dings. The evil uncle forged a will that accused Shan Ben of having a false will that was in fact not true)

The uncle used the investment company to take money for himself. No profit was ever earned and the company therefore suffered losses every month. Henry (Ben financial advisor )whom was reduced to a position in the shop after Ben was chased out of the house, asked Oscar to invest in gold and sold it at the end of the month. That advise was of course ignored by the evil uncle whom did not follow oscar instruction to invest in gold. When American 911 happened, gold price rise rapidly.

In order to have enought gold, the evil uncle taught oscar to rob his own bank. They were successful. The uncle greed in taking the Ding money was found when Henry stolen the account of the investment company. Ben then used the real account and went back as the chairperson as under the rules, Oscar must make a profit before he can be made the offical chairperson. But since there was problem with the account, oscar was of course beaten once again and Ben was back in Dings. Oscar hated Ben even more after this incident.

The evil uncle was asked to leave Dings enterprise after the ugly incident was discoverd but he was not satisifed. He intend to rob the 1 billion gold bar that Ben has completed (the 999 project of australia) when the gold bar arrived In HK. The uncle decided to stage a show with the kidnapper to let Stupid Oscar believe Ben was the mastermind in the kidnapping. Oscar believed the kidnapper of course. The uncle accidentally killed the kidnapper when he wanted more money or else..... The uncle hide the weapon in the car boot of Ben and the wife of the uncle called Shao Kang (Ben real brother, he is a policeman) of the murder.

Trial were made. in the end, ben was released for lack of evidence. This is because Kang was supposed to examine the murder weapon under the suspect (ben) or other police officers eyes and this point was used by TianLan --lawyer of Ben(Ben and Xing Girlfriend, complicated triangle love that is i will tell more at the end) to have the weapon Not to be used as evidence.

The gold bar was then robbed by the uncle. Yesterday and Today esp, Oscar took his brother to the cargo area and beat him to pulp for being ruthless in tryin to murdering his brother (the kidnapper incident where Ben was 'did not' bring any money to save him). Oscar overheard his uncle discussing how the kidnapping took place and realised his uncle is the real mastermind, not Ben. Then Shooting occured and Ben was injured.

In the end, Oscar, his uncle was jailed. And Ben have a love triangle with Sabrina and TianLan. I still duno what the ending liked.

That about the whole show. I rather liked Gallen Lo character, so cute and so good..prefect brother to have...but i do not like his love triangle. so complicated. At first, Gallen agreed to marry sabrina (i not watched the earlier part --before esp 33 where Sabrina(anne Wang) done a lot of things at the sacifice of using sex to save Ben) but in the end, Sabrina went off without marrying Ben. Then Tianlan (Jessica Heung) was Ben real Love but in order to save Sabrina whom killed Ben enemy, Lan had to break off with Lan. Lan then dated with Shou Kang. I disliked Shou Kang, so thick skinned. Xiao Yu (Lan younger sister whom love Shou Kang) asked Kang to proposed to Lan whom rejected the proposal as she still love Ben)

Maybe i summarise the love triangle into points so it seem more simple:
1) Ben Like to marry Sabrina as she done a lot for him. Marriage failed as S ran away.
2) Lan love Ben but did not end up together..break
3) Shou Kang love Lan...couple but break as Lan still love Ben
4) Xiao Yu (Lan sister)love Kang (expressed love but did not ended up together or have any first date) but still try to match made her elder sister, Lan and Kang together
5) Lan still love Ben (expressed love when he lies in coma)
6) Sabrina, Ben and Lan 'fight' for their love (final esp)

I duno if this is 3 triangle love as it so complicated.. brothers love same woman, woman dated with two brothers before and dun like younger brother, like elder brother.. and

it sound complicated even in real life. When Ben was injured and in a coma, Lan visited ben...of course ben woke up and tml final esp, i will know whom ben will choose-----------(1) Lan or (2) Sabrina or (3) Neither.

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