Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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i am currently halfway watching a japanese movie by 深田恭子(Kyoko Fukada) and Anna Tsuchiya. It actually a semi-funny movie so i only watched halfway before sleep get the better of me. What is more interesting is how kyoko love to dress up in Victorian-style girl or most commonly called ' Lolita'. I think the custom of the girls are more related to cosplay where ppl love to dress up as their favorite comic character.

Anyway i do not really know what is kyoko dresses in that movie called untill i read my sister HK magazine where the show was recommended..sound alien word"lolita look". so i did a little research. Yeah, one favorite lolita look is the 'Alice in Wonderland' look...Alice custom is one typical custom for lolita.

I like kyoko custom but the research in the internet where japanese girls dress in their fav lolita look did not look as nice as kyoko in her movie. I guess it is because kyoko is quite cute....and sweet too. (not indicating that others 'real life' ppl are not as cute but i think they show a certain attitude that i do not like).
More info on lolita:

anyway here are more picture from the movie..(dun watch unless u like kyoko cute customs...a lot of her in that lolita dresses; as i personally thought that movie is extremely boring, noted that i am only impressed by kyoko dresses, not on her movie). This is where i got that reviews and the fotos from:

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