Sunday, June 04, 2006

Animal study - parts and uses of sweetie's body

Top left: head and body turned upwards with eyes looking at you, ready to scratch you if u touch her
centre: Big fat round eyes that look at you for food, pet, fighting with DD or pretending to be an angel cat
right: fat round head that ignore you if you scold her...will turn her head away when you stare too long at her lovely face..must have feel 'malu' when we stare at her too long.

Centre left: Fat body, wil flatten when she is sitting or lieing on the sofa..she has the look of the star war yoda when she flatten her ears and body at the same time.
centre: Legs for running away from you when you ask her to sleep, and running at you for food and running away from kaka and bon bon.
right: fat paws for scratching you and boxing DD

Bottom left: Round bob tail so that mum will be 'tricked' to adopt her as our offical resident cat..her most prized asset of her body, touch her tail and she will return a scratch as ur reward.
centre: bellywith four legs in the air when sleeping or being notty
right: head on one side for pet when we asked her to lie on floor to sayang.

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