Sunday, June 04, 2006

A nice poem composed by my sister...

Jennifer say:

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This is a peom taken from my sister's blog, i will not post the link since sister will only want a friend-visited blog only. Date of blog was on September 03, 2005. That time, dad was still taking sweetie downstairs to pee and we had managed to toilet train sweetie. If u had read my earlier posts, sweetie always follow us back to the lift after dad took her downstairs..

Wake up before dawn breaks,
time to go down for a pee.
It's time to be a stray cat again!
Roll around on the cool morning grass
Peek-a-boo from under the drain.

When the coast is clear (look left, look right)
Dashes out!
Follow papa into the lift,
dashing out only when it says "Storey eight, going up. Di-di-di-di..."
Hose down after that.

A simple meal with a simple meow
before lazing by the window ledge
Busk in the morning sun
While watching the mynahs fly by.
Reminiscing the stray cat days...

Thirsty?Fret not."Meow!"
Comes a mug of water (quite a big one!)
Snooze the whole day on the bed,
enjoy the pillow
just like uscurls up like a caterpillar
when it's cold
waking up
just for a sai-yang
or to lie on the sofa
Papa, Mama, Jiejie, Gor-gor, Pang4 Jiejie (A-Jia)
"Meow" is the answer for all things

I know human language!
greetings, replies, asking for food
Eating is the favourite time of the day!
Clang Clang - bbq fish on the stove
Wait patientlyfollow eagerly.
Quickly!when the food is ready to serve.

What's life without a little challenge?
Time for a fight with other cats downstairs!
Baby, Jackfruit, Ginger, Ring Ring, Xiaobai, Black Cat, White Cat
All foes, 'cept for Xiao3 Wai1 Tou2
Cockroaches, ants, mops, clothes clippers, "tailess bear", pineapple leaf...
Any thing that can be dribbled around
Just some of my toysGrooooommmmm....

Cleans the body day in day out.
My nose gets cleaned by A-jia too!
Flitting here and there with effortless poise and grace
Out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.
My scent must be left everywhere!
Rubs each corner of the house.
Scratch the chair to make my nails nice
much to the chagrin of the others.

I don't need to walk sometimes
I get carried around like a little baby.

When the light is slight
the eyes get big and round.
When it's bright
they become a thin line

Wink my eyes at people
Ears that receive any sound just like radar!
Flatten my ears when I am patted

So many tricks up my bag!
They say I look more like a cow
Two mountains on my body, or valleys rather.

What's my name?Sweetie aka Bon Bon Cat aka Xiao3Niu2 aka Tweety aka Huai4 Dan4 aka Yoda Yoda!.
A cat's life.

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