Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Presents" from mimi

Jennifer say:

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Today i am supposed to help Auntie Linda caught hold of mimi for sterilization. We agreed to meet at 10.15 down my block. I came down on time and auntie L then get her cat carrier. I went to find mimi and ginger. When i saw mimi, i carried her to find linda.

I am a bit annoyed and irritated with linda sometimes or dozens of times..when i took mimi close to linda, linda kept asking me to carry mimi to the void deck..i told her to put the damn cage down so that i can tried to pop mimi inside the cage..then mimi hit his legs and left two long scratches on my hands..luckily, it is not bleeding... mum is scolding me that if i keep getting scratches, i will be 'tai go' (hokkein- meaning my hands will be ruined by the scratches that may have scars) in near future.

After the failed mission to 'capture' mimi, Auntie linda kept 'commanding' me...

"put the food inside the carrier"
"dun catch his neck"
"give him chicken soup"

All this of course failed to catch mimi...

Then linda started to nag at me...

Blah blah blah...i am particularly annoyed by her comment that next time i should be smart and put the food right inside the carrier. When she said this, i replied that why dun she use her own food and caught mimi herself. She said something like mimi only LIKE to find me for food..HELLO linda, mimi also come to find you at night lol. It is like my fault that mimi is not caught today.

She also said that mimi may struggle inside the cage if i carry him to the vet next time. maybe i should take a taxi when i take mimi to the vet..i am thinking maybe next time i will not help you to catch mimi or take him for sterilization or maybe i will not want to have anything to do with you next time..Then Auntie Linda said if 3 times failed to catch mimi, she will leave him unsterilized and let him be in the hands of town council officers.

Actually i am thinking that if CWS cat trap will work for mimi since he is such a 'stubborn' cat....hopefully mimi next arrangment for sterilization on next thur, 22 june will be successful..

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