Saturday, June 17, 2006

To spend or not to spend on skincare products?

Jennifer say:

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Even since i had become a member of flowerpod as one of the baby podders, i had spent close to $100 on skincare and comestic products..Here are the lists:

1) Skinfood ache moderator: Cost -- $3.90 from AMK,guardian - used once, get rid of dead skin and some of my blackheads

2) Skinfood triple firming: Cost --$3.90 from heartland mall,guardian - used once, skin is firm and can get whitehead popping out of skin

3) St Ives Firming Mineral Clay Masque: Cost $6.80 - not used, bought today after 20% discount at Watson, heartland mall. supposed to be super good... *cross fingers*

4) St. Ives medicated scrub : cost $6 plus from CK, kovan - used once,very good, face super smooth after applying.

5) Watson after sun lotion: cost $3.90 after 20% off from watson heartland mall - not used

6) Watson makeup remover wipe: cost 2 for $1.95 at watson, Heartland mall - not used

7) Skilygirl bluser: cost $6.80 from CK, kovan after 20% off - not used, bought today for new addition to makeup set

8) skilygirl loose powder: cost $10.50 from CK, kovan - not bad, used it many times, keep my face matt

9) Simple cleansing lotion: cost $6.50 from beauta spring, hougang - vvv good, using as makeup remover and skin is super soft

10) aleo vera lotion: cost $3.90 from watson, heartland mall - *bump my head* bought the wrong one today, supposed to have bought the 100% AV gel.

11) Za powerblock: cost $10.50 after 20% off from Watson, heartland mall - not used yet, intend to use it on face

12) Za night cream: cost $18.50 after 20% off from Watson, Chinatown - used it almost every night, face is soft every morning.

12) Vaseline: cost $1.80 from He Ji Fa, AMK - used it night time to keep lips soft

13) Cettua nose strips - cost $3.50 from CK, kovan - help to get rid of some of my blackhead too..only used one piece so far.

14) Ginvera green tea lotion - cost $6.50 from Ck, kovan - smell heavenly, not used yet, intend to use it as a sunblock for hands, neck and legs.

15) Apple cider vinegar - cost $6.20 from Cold Storage, hougang mall - used it lot of times, very good, you need to mix the ACV with rosewater, 50% of each. I find it had help me to reduce my oil in my face. I even drank it, nice sour taste. I also put some drop in my cats's drinking water. Mum had said my face is so 'SMELLY'. Anyway, after it dries, the smell will be gone also.

16) rosewater - cost $3.90 from AMK,guardian - used it for mixing with ACV.

This is all my 'collection' of my skincare and comestic products. I had no regret investing on those products as i find they are really useful in helping me to maintain my face. In the past, i had no knowledge of skincare. Now, i had started to become 'vain' and care more abt my face, i do not really want to mention the condtion of my face in my blog, it is just one simple word : BAD.

As the saying said: "There is no ugly woman in the world, there is only lazy woman"

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