Saturday, September 09, 2006

It all Begins with a Cat

Jennifer say:

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Today, Mum and i went for our weekly trip to the market at AMK. Mum had planned to buy some materials for our bedroom and mum' s room curtains. We visited this tiny stall in the market selling lot of cloths. The uncle had a 'hard' time trying to sell his goods to us. I was not satisfied with the colour of the material. Mum was unhappy with the thickness of the material. Just when we were choosing which material was nicer, another auntie came to the stall too. Mum then chatted with her abt how to sew curtains.

Finally we selected a pink floral material. We then take a look at other materials with that auntie. Just then, i saw a fat cat passing by the stall.. i was overexcited and asked mum to look at that fat miao miao. The stall owner then asked me if I had cats. He said that he had 3 kittens that were born in his house. Apparently, the wife took the pregnant cat home and had 3 baby kittens. The kittens are now 5 months. The uncle said that he cannot bear to take them to SPCA. i told him that most likely the kittens will be put to sleep. I told him also that i cannot take in any more cats. He even offered to bring the kittens to our house but we really had enough cats to be taken care of.

The auntie that mum chatted earlier then told us that she loves cats too. It is funny to hear the Auntie talk. She said she had a cat that had crossed the rainbow bridge. The cat had a x-ray that showed it to have grown lot of tumors. The auntie had no choice but to put the cat to sleep. When they (her daughters and her) waved their final goodbye to the cat, he refused to look at them. She said that it would be better for the cat to go in peace than to suffer in pain. The cat would howl in pain when it ate food before he was diagnosed with having tumour. The cat lived from 1989 to 2005.

She had another cat that refused to go into the cat carrier for vet visit. He would screamed like he was being strangulated. The way she said how her cat screamed was extremely funny with her hand gesture. Only when she spent $50 for pet taxi to bring him to the vet, the cat will calmed down. The auntie said that another community cat make a daily trip to her unit for food. There was once when her cat was sterilized, it bang itself against the carrier till the wound bleed. The poor cat had to spend 1 week at the vet clinic. That auntie told us that she will bring her cats to mt pleasant - even her community cats. I told her abt the pet clinic in Serangoon Garden that is able to charge cheaper rates for community cats. One of her cats love to sleep at her tummy - so cute. I am not sure how many cats she owned but i think should be 3. AMK residents seem to love cats more than SN residents. Sometimes, i wished to move back to AMK where i can feed cats more freely without fear of complaints like my area now. I used to stay in AMK before i moved to SN. Three bus stops away and so much difference of people's attitude towards cats.

She gave us her telephone number and we parted ways.

It is funny how a fat cat make us know one another.

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