Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blood had fly off to Germany

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday at 9 plus, mum, sister, blood and I took a cab to Changi airport. Blood will be going to Germany on a student exchange program for 6 months. I had set another clock on my blog to see blood's time there in Germany.

While waiting for checkin, sister chatted with this cute spanish guy sitting next to her. Sister had asked blood to 'network' with that cute guy so that if blood ever need help, he can ask that guy for help.The guy had 'warned' blood that German girls are very open and love to party everyday. I wonder how true is that.... Blood was rather reluctant but in the end, blood managed to get the email from that guy.

I realised that i had choosen a non-related picture for blood trip to germany. But i guess blood now got a bit more burdens like the cat with many mices -

Now blood need to:=
1) find a place to stay(he will only get his hostel at april, it is rather irresponsible of that U not to arrange a room once blood arrive in Germany and inform ppl in the last minute that they will have no hostel now). Blood had managed to book a room when he arrived in Germany today.
2) cook his own meal
3) figure out how to have fun there (not partying every day)
4) how to speak german so that he can have decent talk with 'hot' german girls
5) find out how to reduce expenses
6) How to 'survive' in the winter
7) How to MSN with sister and me - we are now in a differenet time zone - germany is behind us by 7 hours.

Anyway, 6 months will passes every fast... Not before long, we will be in airport again waiting for blood's flight to arrive... hee.......when sister went to HK, it also passed very fast. Maybe i will be posting more of sweetie and her silbings here so blood will know what are they doing meanwhile in Singapore. DD may be spending more time in blood's room...... - sleeping on his bed...

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