Thursday, March 01, 2007

Xiao Sweetie, our cute community girl is injured

Xiao sweetie (one of the three silbing cats at the provision shop) has a bad wound near her hind leg 3 weeks ago. At first, the wound looked ok. On monday when i saw her, i am shocked to see that her wound had turned very wet and red. Sister and I were deciding what to do... Then we decided to ask blood to bring a carrier down... we may send her to the vet or treat her ourselves with antibodies powder. Xiao sweetie screamed all the way back to our home.

Xiao sweetie had not poo poo since Monday. She refused to drink any water but she had pee twice. Bit of worried that she did not poo. Mum told me to take her downstair to poo but i am afraid that she will run away and hide. We did not usually get to see xiao sweetie every day unlike mimi and pi pa.We had decided to treat her ourselves.

The wound seem better, not wet at least. I had poured anti bodies power on her twice per day. Sister had also get a infection powder from pet clinic on tuesday but i am using the antibodies power more than the infection powder. I had locked xiao sweetie inside the storeroom as she wants to cry when she see us. When xiao sweetie cried, xia mi (eye infection cat from ECP that has been staying with us since 3 weeks ago) will sing in response.

Luckily xiao sweetie is an extremely tame cat. She will purr whenever i let her out of her carrier. I do not know why she refused to drink any water. She did not want to eat inside her carrier so i had put her out to eat. But when i put her water outside her carrier, she refused to lick at her water.

Refused water and do not want to poo poo, i wonder if i should let her downstairs...but the rain seem neverending.The wound might turn worse with water. Hmm... will decide tml..maybe will let her run for a while downstair before i take her home again....

Bad wound near the hind leg. Raw and wet.... Cannot really see from this shot....
Close cute

Me 'sayang' xiao sweetie....
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