Friday, March 09, 2007

Poor DD... confirmed case of ringworm

Today, dad and sister had brought DD to the vet. Dad is on leave today so he is able to bring sister to the vet using blood's motorcycle. Sister said that she had placed DD's carrier on her lap while holding on to Dad's shoulder. Dad is now using blood motorcycle to work as well. Anyway, DD cried outside the door. In the vet, sister said DD did not make any noises but she is angry when sister pushed her back into the carrier.

DD now is wearing a buster collar. I am surprised that the buster collar that looked like normal plastic rolled into a circle cost $10. She had two injections - antibodies and anti-fungi injection, one medicine to swallow and one medicine to apply. The total vet treatment is $74. DD do not want to leave our room and is 'embrassed' to see sweetie. I think sweetie had a 'shocked' face when she saw DD just now. I can see sweetie's ear flattened. For DD, she is happy to just stay in our room. She is still not used to her 'big head'. She is certainly a sad cat now. Things will be better once she had recovered. The whole treatment will be for 12 days. I think i will not allow sweetie to sleep at me at night while DD is recovering. Cannot take the risk with sweetie. DD shall sleep beside me at night if she wishes or she will sleep at sister's study chair.

A bit of news on xiao sweetie: I am pleased to inform all of you that she had almost recovered. The wound is now very small with daily treatment of antibodies powder. I think the wound should close up by monday or tues, then i will be releasing her back to her terrority. In fact, the wound is closing up bit by bit everyday.
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auntie p said...

Get well soon, DD, and good to hear that xiao sweetie is recovering well.

By the way, I have the same cat mat as you. :)

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