Saturday, March 31, 2007

schlau Polarbär Knut (Cute Polar Bear,Knut

I was watching Channel U, 9.00 pm news when i saw the a bit of the music video of baby polar bear, Knut. I had asked blood to go to Berlin zoo to take lot of cute photos of knut but blood told me that his friends were not interested in knut. Sister told me we also had a baby knut in our place - mimi. I think mimi did looked like a polar bear if you did not noticed his black patches.

I am real glad that baby knut had survived. I am sure all the other older polar bears will be real jealous of knut for making top world news all over the world.

I got lot of this cute guy from this website:

I also got the German translation of 'polar bear' from this website:
Talking of German, i wonder how good is blood's german now after one month travelling in Eupore. Blood had SMS me to tell me he had went to Rome, France, Paris. vorsichtig sein(Take care), blood.

This is the music video of Baby Knut. Watching the music clip really brighten ur day or give u sweet good night sleep... :)

English translation of the song:

Knut, he is a teddy bear,

but he has no mama now,

still he is sassy and happy,

and the star of the zoo!
Little critter all in white,

and he got all cuddly soft,

everyone loves Knut so much,

we're so glad you're here!

Knut, Knut,little polar bear from the zoo,

Knut, Knut,life is good for you.

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