Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cat flu outbreak.....

Jennifer say:

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Remember da boa and xiao bao that had flu? Apparently, we did a lousy job at a result, three of our cats are also down with flu. Sister had also blog about this terrible news in her blog.

I think most likely, sister is the one whom spread the virus as i seldom touch da xiao bao. The only time i sayang da bao was on sun but i remembered changing my cloth after that. Sister was very worried that they might not recovered and even rain on her face... (opps......). I think they will recovered when there is someone looking after all of them. Sister is thinking of sending xiao bao to the vet for treatment as xiao bao had refused to eat her medicine. Poor baby, she will be alone once she is sent there.

It is easy to take care of one sick cat with flu like shu shu or Coco but when we had two sick cats, we are overwhelmed by having to take care of both of them.

We are now placing the two baos in blood's room while the rest of the cats stayed in my room. Now, only sweetie and KK are healthy. And poor DD is one of the cats with flu... poor baby, she had sleep beside me last night. I had not allowed sweetie to enter the room or she will be sleeping beside me too.

It is definitely our negligent that such a terrible thing happened. maybe we are not experienced in dealing with cat flu but i hope it will be our last in taking care of cats with flu. I hope both of us can make this as a good lesson not to treat cats with illness carelessly. But the best solution is sister should STOP bringing sick cats from ECP home.

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