Saturday, April 28, 2007

Poor PiPa

This is Pipa, one of our neighbourhood community cat. He was found limping on the front paw since Monday. Pipa was actually limping last week but the limping was gone after one day so we thought he is ok. He must have an injury at that time and that injury become infected so he limped again. Despite having a injured paw, Pipa never failed to 'escort' us back to the lift while hopping on his 3 stronger legs. This is so sweet of him so we had actaully waited for him in case any cars come by. We also had to watch out for 'Jackie', a Jack Russell whom stayed at our block. The owner will always take jackie out at the time when we feed mimi and friends.

Today, sister and I manged to catch him and send him to the vet. Catching pipa was a breeze, i merely pop him into the carrier without him protesting. The carrier needed to be placed with the opening facing me so that i can just placed him inside and not pushed him from the front. I think pipa is in pain so he did not struggled at all. Pipa was very quiet while he was in our house. Dad and sister then took pipa to the vet in dad's (or blood) motorbike.

According to the vet, Pipa had two bite on his paws (probably casued by Koala - another male that is still not sterilized). Pipa had a mild infection and a fever. We had put pipa in the clinic for one week as our hands are full with da bao, xiao boa, HeHe and xian xian.
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