Saturday, April 28, 2007

List of "RECALLED" Cat products to remind myself NOT to buy again

Jennifer say:

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Got this from the site(Some of the brands may not be familiar to Singapore):

1) Blue Buffalo
2) Canine Caviar
3) Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
4) Diamond Pet Foods
5) Drs. Foster & Smith Products
6) Eukanuba
7) Hill's
8) Iams
9) Kirkland Signature Brand Pet Food
10) Natural Balance
11) Nutro
12) Royal Canin

This 12 brands of cat/dog food are being recalled. Of those 12, i had feed my cats, nutro and Natural Balance. Even though, the product i fed is not the same as the one being recalled, i had lost faith in Nutro and NB.

I had feed my cats Nutro for quite a few months. It is the same for Natural Balance. I had bought it the first time and then i received news that the lamb and pea version was being recalled. I am dropping Nutro and NB forever, never to purchase them again. Whatever the reason given for the recall, once the faith is lost, customer like me is lost too.

Fostercat had suggested Solid Gold, i think i am most likely going to buy SG on my next purchase.

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