Tuesday, March 14, 2006

pong pong in memory - in our house on 3 feb to 12 feb 3.55 pm

pong pong had been our cat on 3 feb to 12 feb. Brother and sister took her to the vet for stay on sun, around 3.55 pm. Pong first appeared a few day before CNY. That time, pong went to the ten floor and kept meowing. Then she appeared down the malay family whom is living in the ground floor unit. Sister took pong home on the fifth day of CNY, that was 3 feb.

Usually when a beloved pet died, ppl have regret,me too.. i am thinking of the :what if" questions to myself..

1) what if we did not send pong to the sterilization, will she be still alive today?
my answer: it not possible not to send her, she already in heat and was meowing extremely loud in the middle of the night at 3 am.

2) what if we delay the survery till she is off heat?
my answer: same as q1, we are afraid that residents will complain since her meows is quite loud..(noted how i still used present tense, i like to remember her as alive)

3) what if we took her to the vet rec by auntie linda in mt pleasant in serangoon north?
my answer: i think dr au from pet clinic has try his best, it is not really the problem with the vet but pong pong's own health.. even if we bring her to mt pleasant, she may ended up in the same fate.

4) What if i see pong yesterday?
my answer: i really had regret for this... but as sister mentioned yesterday, it will be sad to see pong and not able to bring her home with us.

5) what if i allow pong to sleep beside me on my bed?
my answer: pong used to sleep with mum but mum complained that she is too notty, keep jumpin up and down so we locked her in dd's basket and allow DD to roam my bedroom. we had not much choice as Pong is quite "hyperactive". Actually today before i knew abt her death, i am thinking of allowing her to sleep beside me and lock sweetie in mum's room...mum even suggested that pong can sleep at my feet...sadly this can never happened..(OMG, i am crying again)

6) What if we never pick pong to our house?
my answer: she can be taken away by pest control, bully by the malay family's black cat or taken away by evil resident. It a rumour told by auntie linda that cats are taken away from our area and dumped elsewhere so that we cat feeders cannot find our community cats. So our final 'verdict' is pong is best left at our house. I know that we cannot pick every strays that we found back home but pong is really pitiful. She used to be a house cat but was abandoned. And the malay family down our ground floor unit do not really let pong into the house.

7) What if pong had any virus that can be passed to DD or sweetie?
my answer: obviously, pong may have unknown virus but she may also died because of the sterilization. Auntie linda said that the vet may had not done the survery properly..i think this is not the reason as vegancat has also send lots of cats from bedok to Serangoon garden to be sterilized. I believe virus like FIV may be the main cause of sudden death. i am really worried abt sweetie and DD..i will take them for injection against FIV soon..DD going for sterilization tml, i hope she will be fine..most probably YES since DD is in our house since she is one month old.

finally as so much of my "what if" qns, you will find that i do not regret having pong in our house.. i will always remember her...at least she is leavin this world to a better afterlife..that is what i think when my fav terrapin xiaofei died also in march on 2003. Posted by Picasa

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KL said...

Yes, Pong Pong will live on forver in our hearts. If she is in pain, I'm glad she has been relieved of it by now.

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