Sunday, June 16, 2013

#36/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk466 AMK on 16/06/2013★五月初十★ event ~興忠宫★ Host- Wang Lei, Liu Ling Ling★旅者大乐队★★金包银属下杰克舞台秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai - same as yesterday..nice stage, full tentage.

 ★ Time watched:8.15 pm to 10.10pm

 ★Today Crowd: crowded

 ★My Position: view from the right side of the audience seating, rear back rows.Same as yesterday

 ★Videos upload to youtube: 2 videos.

刘玲玲 + 王雷 ~ 烘炉茶古

刘玲玲 + 王雷 ~云中月圆

★Me abt today Getai - Enjoy myself to the Wang Lei with Liu Ling Ling hosting, entertaining

 photo DSCN0733_zps296233fe.jpg Stage

 photo DSCN0737_zps0c3c3d4d.jpg Wang Mei Qi

 photo DSCN0735_zpsb0963ce3.jpg Hosts

 photo DSCN0753_zps2be9896b.jpg
 photo DSCN0759_zps7436cd1d.jpg Malaysian singer, Kai Wen

 photo DSCN0762_zps8bf7dce2.jpg Xiu Feng

 photo DSCN0768_zps71df9e48.jpg 龙飞凤舞

 photo DSCN0773_zpsc7157158.jpg Ting Ting (Last Singer)

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