Sunday, July 07, 2013

#40/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk603 Ang Mo Kio on 06/07/2013★五月三十日★ event ~万礼显灵宫★ Host-Lin Ru Ping★白狗骨大乐队★★丽星舞台秀★★

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai - Limited area to watch, limited chairs..

 ★ Time watched:8.20 pm to 10.30pm

 ★Today Crowd: crowded

 ★My Position: Change three position, can see from my videos.. the last singers of the Malaysian couple, i change to a centre location that is lucky coz this is the best view to take videos.

 ★Me about tonight getai: Went because i wanted to the Malaysian couple again. never regret, super high tonight.

 ★Videos upload to youtube: 6 videos.

尤毓姗 ~ 野花 (My Position 1, super pathetic position, got splashed by the ice water when the impatient waitress throw the water down the drain...told mum not to waste time telling them not to do so coz they dun care.)

黄裔媁 ~ 歌声满天下 (My position 2, side view but better than no view or limited view, i am sitting there coz i slot my chair at the grass area)

萧靖凇 ~ 漂撇七逃人 (My Position 3,took 1 video of Xiao Jing Song and Mao yi xian from the side, not good coz i am unable to get a face view of them, then saw 2 uncle walking off, i grab all my things to sit their chair getting the centre position view, i think i am super kaisu)

萧靖凇 + 毛依贤 ~ 爱人醉落去 - a fight was going on at the time of this video as usual because of chairs.

毛依贤 ~ 酒后的心声

萧靖凇 + 毛依贤 ~ 一山还有一山高 - i like this song, nice

 photo DSCN0893_zps0c937f6a.jpg Mai Hui

 photo DSCN0896_zps1df19136.jpg

 photo DSCN0897_zpsf6e9164f.jpg 尤毓栅

 photo DSCN0903_zpsc8af1ddb.jpg 钟金玲

 photo DSCN0905_zps8f08e373.jpg
 photo DSCN0907_zpsf00fdb39.jpg Lu Wei Lun

 photo DSCN0909_zpsbbee89ed.jpg
 photo DSCN0911_zpsdc88b2e8.jpg 黄裔媁 - Malaysian singer

 photo DSCN0913_zpsb9a6a580.jpg Zhu Li Li

 photo DSCN0921_zpse82b4d3a.jpg 萧靖凇 and 毛依贤

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