Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Rat life

*sob* *sob*... i went out with my mum to buy a chinese newpaper with the dry cat food as usual. we went to shop n save but the newspaper run is the last day for singapore second tv station so the newspaper has special report of chaanel u or Mediawork.

so we went al the way to serangoon north..luckily got one newspaper at 7/11 store..we went to the four storey HDB to find cats..i did not see any and was abt to leave when mum said she go to the back of the block to see if got cats..we saw the back of orange ginger cat so we went back to find him..surprisingly siamese n ginger ah-ring are there..i planned to feed them when i saw siamese playin with some thing that look like shit..mum exclaimed it a Rat....

OMG, the rat is a baby with the eye closed...OMG, there two cats there..i chased siamese away and he unhappily meowed in protest. when mum used her newspaper plastic bag and passed it to me..while mum chased the two gaint rat emeries away, i safely scooped the baby rat up with the plastic bag.. i then proceed to feed the two greedy guys...

ohh..i saved a rat the normal rat that our government is trying to 'poision' to death but i feel sori for the baby fate that we meet her/him (duno gender) as firstly:
1) if shop n save have newspaper, we will never go out the way
2) mum saw the ah ring cat and thus we discoverd the baby rat

i duno if the baby will live but i do know i saved it from the clutches of cats. i try feeding it milk,it drink a little..

i hope the rat can live...let pray..

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