Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mum's orchids

This is mum's orchids that we picked from the rubbish area that someone had discarded. It is quite enjoying to see how the flowers grow into full size. The inner flower will blossomed into purple flower and slowly it will extend to the outer area till all the flowers are fully open. It took quite a while for the flowers to least half a year.

I know little abt orchids really. To me, all orchids look the same to me. They can have different colours but i do not really know what is their real name. To me, every orchid is call 'orchids'. If you really want to mess up your brains recalling what certain orchid's name are called, read this site:

Headache..there are like dozens of orchids name, qutie is born nature while others are cross breed.

Even for singapore national flower that has a beautiful name, to me, that beautiful name is also called 'orchid'. I am really lousy in remembering what is the full name of our national flower. I did a research on the name of singapore national flower: Vanda Miss Joaquim. Quite a nice name but it is still an orchid to me. I think i remembered the chinese pronouncation better though it does not leave a impression too. but when someone mentioned the chinese pronouncation, it ring a bell.

history of Vanda miss joaquim:
Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen as Singapore's national flower in 1981. The designation of a national flower was part of an overall effort to foster national pride and identity. Singapore has the unique distinction of being the only nation to have a hybrid as its national flower.

The choice of an orchid as Singapore's national flower is most appropriate because orchids have long been identified with Singapore. And no orchid is more worthy of being Singapore's national flower than Vanda Miss Joaquim as it is the first registered plant hybrid from Singapore.


info on venda orchids:
Vandas are fascinating orchids that may be grown with relative ease. Vandas are monopodial. Growth arises from the crown of the plant. Flowers are available in superbly rich colors, including blue, red, orange and yellow. The flower spikes, which usually carry 8 to 10 blooms, arise from the base of the leaves and last for several weeks. The goal of good orchid culture is to promote robust, disease-free plants with good quality flowers.

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