Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DD's sister going to be a stray unless...

Looking at camera-DD(at around one month), brown and black cat -mixmix & black cat-xiaohei..DD is allowing her siblings to suck her nipples

Last sunday, we finally managed to see DD's brother and sister at Ada's house. Actuall we do not know ada nor which unit she is staying. We just know she live in that ground floor block, one of the units there-there are around five units on the ground floor. We just kapo and then we saw small mix mix sitting at the door.

We introduced ourselves to ada and had a small chat.

To those whom do not know the story of how DD and her siblings come to us...
I picked DD and her siblings from my block void deck when their mummy died suddenly. The black kitten is the biggest of the lot ( a male), DD is the middle and little mixmix is the smallest and most 'notty'. I adopted DD while ada adopted the black cat and mixmix. At first, no one wanted DD or mixmix..but i am thinking how nice to adopt a kitten and watch her grow bigger and bigger so i decide to tell mum that i wish to adopt DD. For mixmix, ada just said she will raise her till she is sterilized and then release her. We had the three kittens playing together for three weeks before they were seperated. DD used to play mummy to her siblings by allowing them to suck her nipples..the photo u all see was when DD was young and her siblings .

Yesterday, Auntie linda visited us again to see DD. DD is sterilized last wed and she is limping. Somehow, the vet had done something to her leg when she caught her out of the cage. poor DD...i am cursing the vet too for causing so much pain to little DD. Well..auntie linda said something like even if DD is limp for life, it is ok..

i felt a bit funny abt this comment considering that auntie linda also loves cat and had been feeding community cats for years--that included taking all of them for sterilization. So this comment came out strange from a cat lover..i think linda is trying to say that at least DD is in good hand with our care-at least not a stray.

Linda said that little mixmix (DD's sister) may be abandoned as ada complained that mixmix pee everything. Mum had said that ada do not had the intention to have mixmix as since ada lives in ground floor unit, she can let mixmix pee outside the grass. anyway, mixmix is never meant to be ada's choice of cat..ada only like xiaohei, that is pure black. mix mix has mix of white face and light brown fur with mostly black fur. Linda then asked if we wanted to adopt mixmix..

sister and i told mum and mum said CANNOT take home another cat--mum then said if cats sick, must waste a lot of money on treatment like pong pong..Actually it is not that mum do not allow us to take sick pet to the vet, she just felt that the more cats we have, the more we need to spent on treatment if they fall sick. The last time she scolded us for wasting money on xiaofei, our terrapin and yet xiaofei still died. That time we spent close to $200 on xiaofei. Mum is a 4-D queen, she is buying pong pong's total vet cost that is $184 and she bought 1840 for her lucky number. But so far, Cai Shen Ye has not visited us.

I felt sad that mixmix will be another stray soon. mixmix is sterilized today. I think there is a 95% chance that she will be abandoned.

Anyone want to adopt mixmix? most probably no..that last time we tried asking ppl to adopt DD and mixmix, no one wishes to adopt them.. There is a guy that linda introduced to us, he took lot of DD and mixmix photos but of course, it is just for memory as there is no response from him either. Luckily mum allowed us to adopt is sad to be stray and pitiful to be abandone when a cat once has a home.

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auntie p said...

That's a nice story. How about putting Mix Mix up for adoption on Cat Welfare Society's public adoption page at She may have a good chance of being adopted.

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