Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pong Pong to the Rainbow bridge-farewell pong pong

Pong Pong had died..This is shocking...on 4 mar (two sat ago), we bought her for sterilization. She was ok and was even fighting with DD after her survery. On sun, she suddendly vomitted..she vomitted for around 6 to 7 times and we rushed her to the vet at serangoon garden. The vet said pong had high fever, he gave her a jet and some antibodies. Pong did not recover. She even vomit the pure water we force feed her. On sun, brother and sister took pong to the vet. The vet told them to leave pong in the clinic for two days where she is suppose to be discharge today. Pong was put on drips and antibodies. Pong was fine yesterday but died today -sudden death

Sadly, she died today morning. I remembered a werid dream i had abt pong today, i was eating pong and cutting her into small piece to eat. it a freaky dream and pong died. Is that pong's spirt telling me that she is going to leave our family.

We only had pong for around one month and a half.(she came to find us on new year eve, 30 jan 2006) yet she bring joy to all of us. When the clinic assistant called me to say pong had died and i told the news to mum, she cried immediately. sister and i were also crying openly. Mum said pong had such a sad life - abandoned, in heat and need to be sterilized, and now sudden death. We had try to save her little life.

In her one and a half month with us, we love her musical meow, how she respond to us, how she gobbles her food up very fast, how she climb the window like a monkey, how she used to pant with her tongue out like a tiny dog, how she play 'war of the world' with DD, sadly she even had the chance to be friend with sweetie.

The vet suspected her sudden death to be FIV where the virus came out because of the stress from her sterilization. He asked if we wanted to find out how pong pong died but we rejected him. Why cut pong again when she is already died.

I will always miss her. We had cover her in plastic bag and put her in the rubbish bin. It is sad. Mum reminded me that we should have visited pong pong yesterday in the clinic but it will be sad to see pong pong looking at us and asking why we put her in the vet. She must have been afraid of the place and yet she died alone. I really regreted now not visiting pong yesterday..at least see her lovely face for one last time.

We had took a video of her before she was sterilized. and on sun, sister took many fotos of pong pong because she said pong pong has too few fotos. It is our last memory of pong pong in our house. We will really miss her.

To pongpong, we wish you has a good life not as a cat but as a good human in your after life. farewell pong pong, cross the rainbow bridge with tango (http://celestelock.blogspot.com/). He is another of the poor stray that was abandoned like you. Cross the bridge hand in hand. farewell, pong pong and tango. Posted by Picasa

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