Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sweetie cum pork chop rice

Recently, sweetie has a new name, we have been calling her "zhubafan" (pork chop rice). Sweetie is getting fatter and fatter.. when she first arrived in our house, she weighted a mere 2.5kg and now she is 5kg.

While i am here using the computer, she is in the kitchen yelling for attention. She normally do not wish to sleep when I am at home, sticking to me and craving for my attention like a superglue.

Mum said sweetie normally sleep like a log when i am not at home. But when i am at home, she will not sleep at all in the early morning.

In the morning, when sweetie wake up, she will sit quietly and patiently and looked outside the window till i have wake up. She will never meow or pop her head into my face to try to wake me up.

At night, when i pet her little pillow and said it is time for sleep, she will obediently come to me and lie down to settle for sleep. I give her a little pillow and she sleep beside me like a little baby. I like the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and pet her soft fur. Normally, sweetie sleep with all four paws high up in the air. Sister said sweetie sleep just like me..hee..i guess we are all alike or sweetie is a copycat. Posted by Picasa

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