Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My unpublicized pets

Jennifer say:

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This is Ah-bob, my 12-13 year old terapian. She is given to us by our uncle after our uncle's own two terrapians made my mum strike 4D and my uncle believed they were 'Good luck terrapin'..well those good luck terrapins are now in reservoir. Mum is always complaining of the bad smell and asked me to throw them into the reservoir too but i told mum that they will 'cry' if i throw them away(my childlish reply to mum) or they will die if i throw them away - this fact is quite true.

This is Lizzie, our second terrapin. I had placed lizzie on top of ah-bob baby bath tub where bob is living. Lizzie is bought at a fish shop @AMK, ave 10 for $3. She look dirty in this picture. I had try to scrub her shell once a week.

We used to have another fat terrapin named xiaofei whom died in Mar 2003. We loved him very much but he died of an tumour.

Sister has called them "our much unpublicized pets". The twice a day change of water are left in the charge of my dad and me while feeding is also done by me. I do not know if they are happy to be with us but we will keep them as long as they live - never mind the smelly water, after all they are still our pets just like sweetie, DD, KK and Ou Du Du.

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