Thursday, August 17, 2006

Male cat sterilized today, 17 August 2006

At last, dad's workplace male cat is sterilized today. This male cat is the offspring of the female cat that is sterilized last wed. The last two batches given birth by the female is only this male cat..not sure if the other two cats that i never seen before are part of the kittens batches. The female still has 5 more kittens that stay in dad's workplace. hopefully, the five kittens will be safe. So poor things, this little ones always go missing like their older siblings after the mummy wean her babies. I had asked Auntie L if anyone wants those kittens - NO RESPONSE - so they remains homeless..

Dad took a long time to try to catch him yesterday. Yesterday morning when dad took the carrier, the male cat sensed that he would be catch soon and disappear up the rootarea. At around 4 pm, dad called home to say that he cannot caught the male cat. Half an hour later, dad called to say that shortly after he make the call, the cat came meowing to find dad. Dad quickly popped him into the cage before he make disappearing act again.

I managed to 'sayang' the male cat..quite tame, not as wild as his mummy cat. He is ok now, not so tired and meowing very (super) loud whenever dad come to see him.

DD has become 'zi bi zhen' by hiding inside my room and refused to come out. Last wed, DD was also like this - refused to come out, refused to pee, refused to meow..well, the 'Ah -Or" is going to his 'home' tml. Posted by Picasa

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