Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yipee, Milky is found today

Jennifer say:

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Today, sister and I went for our daily cat feeding. There wss a BBQ session at the pit where many children were playing. I prepared food for ginger and little sweetie .

Little sweetie is one of the four cat that stay near the provision shop but i do not know why suddenly this cutie pie come to find me around one month ago...another unkown auntie and Auntie L are in charge of feeding them..i prepared little sweetie food as she always come to find me and rub her little boby against my knee..she is so friendly and sweet..sister said little sweetie look 'shasha2'(silly).

I did not find ginger and little sweetie as there are far too many children near the place where they are hiding. In the end, i gave all three packages to mimi.

After feeding mimi, we went back to collect the paper that we used to feed san pi pa. We usually place san pi pa's food under the seat in the garden before we went to find other cats. Just when We were about to go, I spotted two shinning eyes looking at me near Blk 543 SN, i was asking my sister: that one is whom?" Sister did not see the cat till i told her.

Sister then said it may be Milky. Milky is M's lost cat that disappeared on last sat. It has nice colour - like seaweed (sister's soft toy that she still hug for 16 years) We called Linda whom asked us to catch it. I was afraid that san pi pa may attack it and when i petted san pi pa to distract him, he gave me a small bite on my finger...not serious..just a small vampire teeth on my finger. I stayed with pi pa while sister tried to catch it. Milky is afraid of sister so sister said she will asked M to catch milky.

I then took san pipa back to the garden while keeping a watchful eye on Milky. Luckily milky did not run away, he just stayed there and make very soft meows... M's husband and M's mum came and finally caught Milky...Yipee, at least Milky is not lost..wonder where did he go in the one week he was MIA..

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