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'The silence of the kittens' reviews

Jennifer say:

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Yesterday, sister and i watched 'The silence of the kitten' at National library, Drama centre. I am not feeling too well yesterday, had a bad sore throat and bad body ache for being too greedy to eat rambutans in two days continously.

The story started with a woman (Esther Yap) telling the story of how Raffles discovered the lion and Singapore is called Lion city. Then, it moved on to a family of four - a dad whom is a Minister, a mum whom is very kaisu about her daughter's study, a daughter whom is 10 and a son whom is in poly. The daughter picked a kitten and begged her mum to keep it. Unfortunately, the mum refused and asked the son to dump the kitten away. The son loved the kitten but cannot deny his mum's order. The son try to throw the cat to a bigger cat but the baby was bullied. Then he threw it in a hawker centre but the baby do not know how to find food and kept following the son. Finally, the son feed the kitten chicken rice and sneaked away. The kitten which tried to follow the son was killed in an accident by a car.

The story goes on to tell how the family was torn apart because of the conflict between the husband and his mum-in-law - one whom hate cats and one whom feeds strays cats. The daughter caught in the middle between her mother and her husband finally left her husband.

What I think of the play:
Anyway, i find the play quite funny. The dialogue between actors were very funny. I love the part involving the husband (casted by Timothy Nga) part in the play. It reflect singapore stand in cats very well..

My favourite scenes:
1) Eyebrows can do nothing in our face but without it, our face will look funny. Just like cats do nothing but without it, our society will be strange.
2) The minister and the different religion - How the Cat 'M' sign is formed, the minister overturned the story by saying that the M is just frown and cat is useless and all cats do is to take up space and drop fur.
3) In future, people will not say 'thank you' because if the other party answered ' you are welcome', there will be germ flying out of the mouth.. This is as a result that Cats are so called deem to be dirty.
4) How the minister told his mum-in-law to go to learn line dancing. The scenes then played the song :would you like to have a girl, hot like me and the casts went dancing.
5) The fight between the mum-in-law and her neighbour. The neighbour complained about the cats in the mum-in-law house. The fight involved a ninja fight, wrestling and a sumo fight.
6) The stand in the minister to cull cats in SARs

After the play, there was a Q&A session. The casts, director and script writer, Ovidia Yu appeared in front of us. I do not like how Ovidia answered one audience that feeding cats is not illegal but we will be catch for littering the place. Who told her that every cat feeder litter the area - it is just a number of black sheeps that litter and also people should know about responsible feeding.

Well, overall, her script is well written - i do not think it really reflect well on singapore's cats - some topics left to be unanswered - why is cats banned in HDB for years? -in the US, cats are allowed in flats, Why is there no laws that allow people to feed cats openly?- Italy do have a law that allowed people to feed cat, Why is sterilized cats being round up? The play reflect on Why people dislike cats and make complaints to town council and if couples had different issues about cats - One cat hater and One cat lover, they may ended in divorce, Minister's stand in cats - a big NO.

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