Monday, August 14, 2006

Isn't it fun to play 'Tag' with cat lovers?

Jennifer say:

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I visited 5 cat flyer blog and discovered this new game.

Here is the rules for the game:
1) Write 5 'WEIRD' thingshabits about yourself ( i assumed it is referring to your cat, not human or up to u)
2) Choose 5 people's blog and say "you are tagged". Have their blogs link to your blog as well.
3) Leave a comment in ur 5 ' victims' blog of the 'Tagging' game, the rules and ask them to visit ur blog

ok..i got 4 cats

How weird is Sweetie?

1) Will lie on the floor for 'sayang' when we asked her "want to sayang or not"
2) Know which floor we are staying. Sweetie used to come downstairs to pee/poo and dad would took her home..Once the lift said "storey 8", sweetie would come out and ran straight to our unit. If the lift said " storey 9", sweetie will ran down the stairs right to our unit. Once dad pressed the wrong button "storey 6" sweetie refused to leave the lift.
3) Know how to use the toilet drain hole to pee and poo (no need to buy litter box)
4) Like to stay around her human friends - bath time, dinner time, bed time
5) Do not make any morning call when she is awake in the morning. Her other 'siblings' meow first thing they open their eyes.

How weird is DD?

1) Refuse to anything except dry food because she know that there is always an alternative if she choose not to eat the rice with fish meal

2) Can be our 'poster' girl for anything - we can put her on a chair, put clothes on her - she is never angry

3) Like to scream ' Mee-aoo.' for food - normal cat meow, she mee-aoo like a lamb

4) Can be carry like a baby for hours

5) Quick learner - she learn how to use the toilet like sweetie, how to stand on hind legs to pee at passer-by at our door.

How weird is KK?

1) Full of energy - endless

2) Always jumping on wall

3) love to make sweetie 'angry' and then roll on the floor like very happy because he has done something he felt good about.

4) Has a musical meow when he is supposed to be a guy (wheres DD has a loud meow)

5) Is the only male cat in our house - is this weird?

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