Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sweetie 2nd year in our house

Jennifer say:

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While feeding mimi and friends today, sister asked me if i know today is Sweetie's 'birthday'. Today is in fact Sweetie 2nd year in our house.

Sweetie first come to our house at 17 Jan 2005 as our offical home cat.

This is the first time:
1) i had some furry cat in my room
2) I wake up to find a cat beside me
3) I find sweetie living in a proper house with me, not in the street
4) I get to know sweetie's personality better ( what she hate - me to touch her bob-tail)
5) I know how to take care of a cat
6) be in charge of sweetie's small big business

Overall, sweetie is our first cat giving me my first experience as a cat owner. She remain as No 1. till No2. DD arrived in our household in Sept 2005 and No 3 and 4, KK and dudu arrived at 4 May 2006.

Happy 2nd year, sweetie.....
There is actually a picture of sweetie in the sidebar beside this topic..just click on sweetie to know more about her. This is what i had written last year during sweetie's 1st year in our house.

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