Thursday, January 25, 2007

How do i feed a scared cat & a big bully cat?

Jennifer say:

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Sunday, mum told me that there was another abandoned kitten at exactly the same spot where KK and dudu were abandoned in may last year. The new kitten looked around 3 months old - sadly another case of abandoned pet from irresponsbile cat owner.

Sister and I went to feed it wet canned food. We decided to relocate the new cat that we named' mui mui' to an less-obvious place where there are less ppl walking.

We shifted it to our block. Then pi pa came to find us. Initally, the new kitten is friendly toward pi pa and both of them even rubbed nose. So after we had fed mui mui, we decided to leave the two of them together. We thought that the new kitten may be 'adopted' by pi pa as his foster daughter... just like xiao bai and baby, ginger and mimi....

How very wrong we were!!!!Then all of the sudden, we heard a loud scream from mui mui... pi pa had decided to bully the new kitten instead of caring for her. We had no choice but to move mui mui to the old nana's area and left her there.

At sun night, we saw mui mui hiding under the drain..not wanting to come out for food.

Mon morning, I cannot located mui mui at her hideout. At night, sister called to say that mui mui was up in the tree, unable to come down. There was someone helping mui mui to come down. But at last, mui mui dropped to the ground, unharmed.

Sister then carried mui mui to another hideout.... somewhere near the back of our block.... At night, we decided to carry her into a thicker bushes area where she is still hiding today...

Now, the problem is it is extremely difficult to feed pi pa and mui mui. We tried to feed mui mui first but somehow, pi pa heard us and came to kapoh. Then mui mui started to scream at pi pa. Yesterday, silly mui mui went to find a man whom was drinking beer at the void deck. Luckily the man loved cat. He told us that he had chased pi pa away when pi pa tried to bully mui mui.So sister take care of mui mui while i went to find mimi. But what if the man do not like cats?......and mui mui kept rubbing his legs.....

Yesterday, i heard a poor pitiful meow coming from afar. I waved to sister to come. We then decided the meow came from the multi-storey carpark. We decided to go up the carpark to see whom was crying. We walked up and open the door. Poor ginger was trapped inside the car park unable to come out. The carpark door is closed so poor ginger cried for help. I carried ginger down the carpark and back to his usual place. Luckily i happened to hear ginger's cries.... mum said that maybe someone played a prank on ginger and put him there... but i thought maybe ginger followed someone to the carpark and was trapped when the person drove off his car.

It is becoming bit of a headache trying to stop two cats from screaming at the middle of the night. I do wanted to feed pi pa but i 'hated' him to bully mui mui. Maybe i will 'crept' to bring mui mui to another place first.. then bring her back to her hideout again so that pi pa will not 'discovered' me.... hmm....

Sister trid to bring mui mui home today when it rain ..but mui mui cried so sister put her back downstairs... And mui mui also screamed at sweetie and DD whom do not make any noises while mui mui screamed... good girls, sweetie & DD.

Coco is still in our house... i think we will put her back in ECP this sunday.

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