Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The story of the search for Billie

Jennifer say:

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I should had blog this last friday.

Anyway, lastThurs, sister and I went feeding mimi and playing with ginger and little sweetie when a man came forward to ask us if we had seen a black cat with white socks and blue collar. We replied "No". and the man asked us to keep a lookout for his missing cat that had been gone for 2 days.

Sister then asked if the man said the cat is what colour. We saw the man again so sister approached the man to ask more clearly why was his cat missing. Apparently, the cat escaped from his sister's flat from a gap in the door mesh. The cat is only staying in the flat for two week while the man and his wife went for a holiday. The poor cat was scared of the residential three other cats that bully him.

I then also went to find siter. The man's wife came and the 4 of us chatted about billie, the missing cat.I asked the wife if she had called the authority. The man then asked us if the chance of cats being rounded up was high in our area. I told him that there used to have cats that were being caught by pest control but since Auntie L had contact with TC people, so far, no cats are being caught. I told him that in Tampines, the situation is more serious. The man that said that maybe he should be happy that his cat was not missing in Tampines. I also told him that one of my neighbour's cats went missing for five days before he was found. If you all can recall, milky was missing for 5 days before i spotted him and infomred his owner to get him.

She said that she would call every organization. The couple were also concerned if there was any abuse of cats in our area. I said 'no' but the other side (across the road), there were one case of cat abuse. The cat was poured green paint all over its body.

The wife whom we learnt was called 'C' thanked us repeatedly for us offering to keep a lookout for billie. Actually we did not do much. We parted ways.

Sister contacted Auntie L to inform her of billie. While at B543, i spotted a ginger cat and went to see if it was pi pa. The ginger is actually ring ring that had followed the couple. We spotted the couple again, walking and calling billie. Sister went to find them and told them to keep their phone on in case Auntie L spotted Billie. C asked me how many cats i have, i just said "a lot". C appeared to have a "Wow" expression. I told her that we were forced to feed at later hours because of earlier complaints.

Then we parted ways a second time.
Friday, we spotted C calling for billie.

On sunday, sister received a SMS from C that billie had been found. Billie actually went back to the sister's house to find them itself. I wonder where did Billie go this five days?

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