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TVB 原來愛上賊 - Catch Me Now

Jennifer say:

Just finished watching 原來愛上賊 two days ago. After finishing the show, i am totally in love with Damian Liu acting. Althought this is not the first time i had watched his drama, this time around, his acting totally rocks. I enjoyed his acting very much.

Damian Liu is a true 影帝. His facial expression is very cute in this drama and his acting rocks. This is a must watch drama if anyone support Damian Liu.

For this drama 原來愛上賊, this is an TVB 2008 production. I should have invest time to watch this great show. In 'great' defination, i liked the drama but dislike the stupid ending. There are two ending actually - the first is sad ending where Jack Ko (Liu Song ren) was killed. The Jack 不死传说 version where Jack was not killed but jailed can only be watched online but Jack eventually reunited with Rong Rong (casted by Chen Yu Lian, Idy Chan) after he was released from jail.

Main characters in this drama

A) Liu Song Ren as Jack Guo. He is the mastermind of robbery. His aim is to punish the bad and help the poor. In simple term, he is Modern day robin hood.
He had 4 other people to help him in his every move.
1) Keyman - a guy trained in unlocking locks
2) BT (ben tham) - Jack cousin - a genius computer hacker
3) Han Ming xiang or Long Leg Crab - a professional shooter
4) Jiao Jiao - A professional driver

With their help, they mastermind many robbery. Jack then get to know a divorcee called Rong Rong. They eventually married. Depend on what ending you are watching, they ended up together or seperated by death. Somehow, I do not like their love story.. very dragging and not refreshing at all.

I liked Jack. He is the reason why i enjoy watching this show a lot a lot....He is cool, he mastermind with great Intelligence and because he had the mindset of a cop, he usually predict correctly what Joe ma was about to do.

B) Joe Ma as Jiang Yang. Jiang yang is the head of the investigation department for serious crimess. Jiang Yang discovered Jack Guo was the mastermind of the robbery in ep 3. All along, Jiang Yang had thought Jack was the one whom killed his teacher. Then he found that his teacher was also part of the robbery gang as his teacher tried to frame a bad guy but was counter-framed instead. Jiang Yang discovered that Jack is actually a good guy. I do not like Jiang Yang. He is clever but cannot oversmart Jack. His poor relationship with his wife is what turn me off. There is this part where his wife tried to call him, he acted busy. Totally not a good husband at all. Many of the times, he cannot control his emotion at all.

C) Chen Yu Lian as Bao Rong Rong. She fall in love with Jack. Like Jiang Qiao, i do not really like or hate her. But i dun like what she is always telling to Jack "As a housewife or Auntie, we also can do this do that"...I wish she can stop saying that she is an housewife or auntie coz it get very irritating when you keep hearing her say the same words a few times in this whole drama. She eventually marry Jack.

D) Chan Fa La as Minnie. She is the wife of Jiang Yang. Heard that This is Chen Fa La first drama. I dislike dislike her role. Esp the ending where she pretend to be with baby to try to stop Jiang Yang from stopping Jack from committing crimes. But when she found she is pregnant, She called Jiang Yang to come immediately. Jiang Yang had found about the lie and when Minnie told her husband she is confirmed pregnant, jiang yang do not believed her. She tried to grab Jiang Yang.

I hated the grabbing part. Stupid woman - pregnant still trying to do stupid action.And the doc warned her to be careful.. Never use brain is it? - what!!! trying to grab husband and kena pushed against the object then stomach pain and cry that she is going to loss her baby. Who ask u to be so Kay Kiang - never heard of 狼来了 story is it? totally cannot stand her...

A cob duty is to protect and prevent crimes. Being the wife of a cop, i thought she is already used to the dangerous job her husband need to carry out.
And this stupid woman trusted her boss, Zhou Jun Hao (casted by evergreen Mak) even when Her husband warned her that Zhou Jun Hao was a bad egg.

E) jackson Lee as Ben Tham. I liked his role here esp his true love for Jiang Qiao. But sadly, he died at ep 19 for a very stupid reason. While trying to escape from the plot set by the evil Zhou Jun Hao, he was shot twice and eventually died in hospital after seeing Jiang Qiao for one last time. I find his death a bit unexpected and not supposed to have taken place at all. He had intended to give up committing any crimes but he decided to help Jack teach the bad guys some lesson for one final round. When you decided to give up, why must suddenly decided to have one more time ler? something strange about this part.

F) Chen Man Chi as Jiang Qiao. Not very good impression of her role but I liked her as a good actress. Her acting is not bad actually. For her role, i do not really like nor hate. She is working in the security firm and in the end, she give up her job to focus on the anti-virus program developed by BT before he died. The software had a nice name called 彬翘软件。 I think the name is so sweet. But towards the end, Jiang Qiao never accepted BT love til the moment when he died. I find her role to be weak actually as there is not much development on the relationship of her and Ben. The drama did not really focus on whether Qiao accepted Ben's love esp after Ben identiy as a thief was found.

Of course, at Ben deathbed, Qiao then accpted the love but it was too late. The part after Ben identity was found and how Ben tried to win back Qiao was very very weak, not much storyline. It is just 'I hate u for being a thief', 'I hate u for telling me lies' and 'I hate u for making use of me'.

G) Evergreen Mak as Zhou Jun Hao. He is the bad egg here. But without him, there will not nothing to watch. He is good. I meant watching him make me wanted to slap his fat face for being so evil. I find that he still have a nice heart. When Minnie was drunk, He accompany her to the hotel. He left without doing anything to her - this show that he still have some good heart. And he is really good to his father. He died eventually.

The Two ending

Sad Ending: The sad ending will be showed at Channal U also and also on the VCDs. Jack died eventually from gunshots by a unknown policeman. This part is very stupid. Suddenly there is this unknown policeman that appeared and shot Jack. And the policeman was not from 飞虎队 but only a common policeman. So pissed off seeing this part.Got gunshot sure confirmed will have 飞虎队, suddenly there is this 猫猫队 that shot at Jack and then trembled in fear. Stupid ending... and the worst part is the ending is not convincing. Even when Zhou's father was shot too, he survived while Jack died. I wished the producers can think think think before they showed such lousy ending. A guy that is in the mid age and A guy with heart illness - both are shot but the weak heart guy live... very very feel like boxing the producers ears...

Happy ending: You can only find the ending online. I watched mine from Jack was not shot but was arrested. He was jailed. The story then fast forward to show everything exactly the same as the sad ending part. I think Jack was jailed for 1 year. This is the only difference between the two ending that i liked, Jack was released from jail and reunited with Rong Rong.

TVB Drama 原來愛上賊. Orginal name is 盜亦有道.

Jack Gou (Liu Song Ren)

Rong Rong (Idy Chan)- i read online review that the Cantonese version that is meant her real voice, her voice is very harsh

Jiang Yang (Joe Ma)

Minnie (Chen Fai La)

BT or Ben Tham (Jackson Lee)

Jiang Qiao (Chen Man Chi)

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