Monday, April 15, 2013

#21/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk814 Hougang on 15/04/2013★三月初六日★ event 北天善开府 ★Host - Pei Fen★ Band -神风大乐队★精义舞台秀

Jennifer say:


★ Today Getai - Three long weeks never watched getai so today feeling is quite good. Miss getai performance very much. Went with mum tonight.

★Time watched:8.45 pm to 10.15pm
★Today Crowd: Lot of People tonight. Brought my portable chairs.

★Videos upload to youtube: 3 videos. Record 尤毓栅. Like her songs.

尤毓栅 ~誓言

尤毓栅 ~ 必巡的空嘴

尤毓栅 ~ 无奈的相思 - I like this song very much. Pity i am very near the xintua so got the temple happening sound behind me.

★Me abt today Getai - Those whom are in my FB friends know i just went to Nepal to trek on 25.3.13 to 31.3.13. So I had not watched getai for 3 weeks. Today feeling is very good. Long time never watched will have the refreshing effect and anticipating feeling. Sidetrack a bit, my trip to Nepal is very xiong..luckily never ask mum to tag along, i did not know trekking is so xiong, but this is a one time life experience, i will still go again next time. Mine is actually a Company trip organised by my client whom had a business based in Nepal, my client is actually organizing CIP program for schools in Singapore, next time maybe go other nations. But i still like Nepal, very beautiful nation, our Nepal tour guide, assistant guides are very nice ppl. Actually because my boss is also part of the group, our Nepal friends treat all of us like kings..hahaha.

 photo DSCN0193_zps00493824.jpg My Location

 photo DSCN0196_zps254f740f.jpg I like the stage lighting, rainbow colour..nice

 photo DSCN0200_zps92d901ef.jpg Kai Lun(Name TBC), short lapse memory, forget his name when i wan to do blogging..old rusty brain liao, me.

 photo DSCN0209_zpsdcf23e9b.jpg

 photo DSCN0214_zps0910ecab.jpg Bao En

 photo DSCN0220_zpsbf865176.jpg Zhong Jin Ling

 photo DSCN0222_zps9057d8d8.jpg 尤毓栅

 photo DSCN0226_zps63df61e8.jpg

 photo DSCN0233_zpsb0a63c1b.jpg 龙飞凤舞

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