Saturday, April 20, 2013

#25/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 969 Yishun on 20/04/2013★ event RC Dinner Event ★Host -Chen Shi Ting★ Band -飞鹰大乐队

Jennifer say:

★ Today Getai - RC Dinner Getai, difficult position to do video recording without tripod.

★Time watched:9.25 pm to 9.50pm

★Today Crowd: Dinner function

★Videos upload to youtube: 3 video of Tian Yue. My videos not so good coz i am too far from the stage, with zoom, i am facing problem stabilizing the camcorder from shaking.

★Me abt today Getai - was pending whether to go to tonight getai since i had check that tonight is a RC dinner event. In the end still go tonight coz i wanted to listen to Tian Yue songs. I know that meimei will be going but i prefer live performance even though i listen and watched from my camcorder. I think the feel is more special when i review my own videos at home. The mood of watching and recalling the wonderful performance are there when i watched my own videos. Never regret my choice, tonight i like Tian Yue songs esp his second song.

saw meimei and say hi to her..Not bad choice tonight even thought i watched for only 15 min, almost miss Tian Yue performance coz Mr Tan told me his singing is 950 pm. i had left AMK hub at 845 and waited 15min for bus 853..luckily 853 is quite fast to reach Yishun area. Stupid me forget that 851 and 852 also go to Yishun from AMK area, my brain cells not working properly these few days, rusty cells. Fat oil equal to rusty cells. Tonight watched getai in sport wear coz went to gym earlier. should go more gym in future, come back to Singapore eat and eat and grow fat. But morning run is also good enough but just need 2 mths to slim more weight.

天悦 ~ 你的眼神 - I super like this song..nice.

天悦 ~ 可爱的人生

天悦 ~ 恰恰(国语老歌)组曲 - nice combined songs again. shorter version but equally nice.

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