Friday, April 19, 2013

#24/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 814 Hougang on 19/04/2013★三月初十日★ event 北天善开府 ★Host -Hao Hao★ Band -骑士大乐队★精义舞台秀

Jennifer say:


★ Today Getai - Today stage is arranged inside the xintua tentage instead of the open field like the other two night. As this is the case, it is extremely difficult to watch from the MRT area. We faced the wet muddy field and walked right to the other side of the stage. I do not really mind wet muddy field, i had step into more muddy field since the start of the day i watched getai. So tonight my view is from the side of the stage, not facing the golden position of the centre area.

 ★Time watched:8.45 pm to 10.30pm

 ★Today Crowd: Super crowded but i think it is because the area is smaller tonight so seem like lot of people gathering around the stage area.

 ★Videos upload to youtube: 1 video of Hao Hao. Record this song coz i had never watched HH sing this song live before.

 ★Me abt today Getai - was a bit high tonight. Was singing along with Xie Weina high...Wang Long (龙飞凤舞) sing 心愛的甭哭 that i think is not too bad, i think no one did his video. my position is not that ideal for video recording. next time if got fate to hear him sing this same song, will definitely do so. Pei Fen 月琴 is very nice, i like this song, got her videos of this song in youtube.

皓皓 ~ 心事谁人知

 photo DSCN0303_zps38643778.jpg Wang Long

 photo DSCN0306_zpsd7b6cb91.jpg My position

 photo DSCN0307_zps3350ec8b.jpg Xie Wei Na

 photo DSCN0313_zps90a91688.jpg Hao Hao

 photo DSCN0324_zps891d0458.jpg Forget her name again, elder sister of 龙飞凤舞

 photo DSCN0329_zpse7aa4326.jpg

 photo DSCN0331_zps05bee41e.jpg Pei Fen

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