Thursday, April 18, 2013

#23/2013★ Getai Performanace @Blk 163 Ang Mo Kio on 18/04/2013★三月初九日★ event 德元壇 ★Host - Pei Fen★ Band -神风大乐队★千禧舞台秀

Jennifer say:


 ★ Today Getai - A bit difficult to watch tonight getai if i wan to do video recording and photo taking but just need a bit more patience to wait for ppl to leave so that i can sit facing the centre of the stage. The side are blocked by the tentage poles.

 ★Time watched:8.45 pm to 10.05pm

 ★Today Crowd: not much people, i only wait for a short while before i found a empty chair to sit. Never bring chair tonight since i am not watching too long.

★Videos upload to youtube: 2 videos. Record 2 videos of Tian Yue. His 恰恰组曲 took 15 min. Was thinking how to say his qia qia song are new combined songs, in the end, dunno how to say so just post as "恰恰组曲" as the song title.

★Me abt today Getai - Went today to watch Tian Yue Performance so had went alone. Now got Mr Tan telling me when is Tian Yue performance, i no longer need to disturb him..haha. hmm..still okay although Tian Yue songs, but somehow i do not feel that high tonight, duno why. Maybe i dun feel comfortable with my location. Three weeks never watched Tian Yue, by right, i should be high..maybe feeling tired tonight also. But before taking bus 76, played with 1 lovely white cat to brighten my night, AMK cats are all so good life, got food to eat and ppl in AMK are usually highly tolerant of cats.

天悦 ~ 葬花 - Sad song...

天悦 ~ 恰恰组曲 - at last got new combined songs, quite nice combination, i liked.

 photo DSCN0273_zps866a9c11.jpg My Location

 photo DSCN0276_zpsecaa69f5.jpg 尤毓栅

 photo DSCN0286_zpsa41081e6.jpg 妞妞

 photo DSCN0296_zps26a62ec2.jpg Lee Bao En

 photo DSCN0298_zpsf60c5a85.jpg

 photo DSCN0301_zps93c06ee5.jpg Tian Yue

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