Saturday, June 28, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 新加坡筱麒麟剧团- 戏名:断天倫,28..06.14, 农历六月初二

Jennifer say:

Went back to watching gezaixi. Quite enjoyable esp i got to record some nice videos. I think tonight story is very similar to the last opera that i watched: 行义夜蒙侠 母子罪

Tonight story: Three children were separated when they were children after robbers came. The mum took the brother away while the father took the sister away. Before they are forced to leave, their parents gave them each a pearl necklace. By adult, the eldest become a robber. By fate, he meet his blood sister whom had a crush with him, not knowing they are actually siblings. The brother was eventually caught when he accidentally killed a rich person. The rich person is actually the person whom adopted his younger brother. At the trial, the sister's mum and the brother's father saw each other. Then they realized the identity of their children by the necklace. In the end, the oldest brother died to pay for his deed.

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