Friday, June 06, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 新加坡筱麒麟剧团- 戏名:陈友谅战武雄,06.06.14, 农历五月初九

Jennifer say:
Went to Sheng Hong Temple to watch Xiao Qi Ling opera. They had four taiwanese during their 9 days performance here. I duno that one of them 陈昭锦 belong to 明华园 troupe. She is really good. Wah, i really miss Ming hua performance but Seeing Zhao Jin is equivalent to seeing ming hua yuan(sort of).

Today story is short and easy. Lose battle, run, get kill and son live. Very battle ending story.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7079_zps462ce9ea.jpg Wu Xiong wife

 photo watermarked-DSCN7086_zps2c5ed3b3.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7080_zpsde5642f6.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7087_zps9689cd0e.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7091_zps11d83c28.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7094_zpse780de08.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7104_zpscf3da3be.jpg Battle with Chen You Liang and Wu Xiong

 photo watermarked-DSCN7095_zpsd8a8d96d.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7097_zpsb7704cdb.jpg Battle Loss for Wu Xiong

 photo watermarked-DSCN7102_zps95ff80b0.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7105_zpsdf258080.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7109_zpsf2cd6946.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7117_zpse0fa5c9d.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7111_zpse655baed.jpg
Wu Xiong forced his wife to take their baby and leave. In the end, Wu Xiong found the baby outside their garden and his wife had drowned in the well.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7121_zps4a59bdf8.jpg 筱麒麟剧团老板娘-金枝

 photo watermarked-DSCN7127_zpsa66139fc.jpg
Wu Xiong asked his friend to bring his son away. In the battle with Wen Liang, Wu Xiong was killed.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7132_zpsf3388668.jpg In the Inn, Wu Xiong baby was kidnapped. The story ended shortly with an prediction that the child will be returned one day.

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