Sunday, June 29, 2014

歌仔戏 @ 新加坡韭菜芭城隍庙, 新加坡筱麒麟剧团- 戏名:鬼新娘,29.06.14, 农历六月初三

Jennifer say:

Tonight story: i watched tonight opera before. Forgot when but did watched this before. A woman killed her daughter to prevent her from been raped by robbers. Year later, her son whom was chased away by his dad meet the spirit of the daughter in a temple. Unknown that he met a ghost, he promised to marry the girl. When he took the tablet of the spirit home, the dad realised he met a ghost. Despite asking a priest to help, the spirit refused to let go of the son. In the end, the father was killed by the spirit and when the spirit wanted to kil the son, the mum begged her to let go of him. The spirit agreed but wanted the marriage to be carried on. The story ended with the ghost marrying the son.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7495_zpsd46a356d.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7509_zps4e98690a.jpg Because of the son wasting the family's wealth away, he was chased away from the house.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7523_zps5265d3cb.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7516_zps15220760.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7511_zps6d4d2fb4.jpg While taking shelter, he meet a ghost. He stupidly agreed to marry this ghost.

 photo watermarked-DSCN7528_zps84800b04.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7503_zps9b8c74dd.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7499_zps3132cf98.jpg

 photo watermarked-DSCN7534_zps1ae1fc1a.jpg When he broke the promise to marry the ghost, the ghost seek revenge.

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