Friday, May 20, 2005


Jennifer say:

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Sweetie extremely notty these two morning..She refused to return home with dad after her morning pee pee.. On monday, she hide under fat sister bed and refused to come out of the bed for dad to bring her down. when dad pull her, she give a loud pull her too hard..PROTEST... In the end, sweetie pee later at nite in our toilet and hold her poo till the next morning.

When sweetie refused to come back with dad, it will be my turn to bring her back. usually dad will said "sweetie 不要回家" while i am sleeping but my ears are open. I deveolop this habit of cat by keepin ears open since sweetie came to our house. This is because i always need to wipe her body clean once she is back. Once there was this funni incident. Dad brought sweetie home and did not tell me. Mum was washing clothes and she woke me to say sweetie back. I muttered she got hearing problem. Actually sweetie back home and hiding under the sofa.

Sweetie will be 小野猫 for half a hour.then i tied my hair to find her downstairs..Sometimes she come meowing and running toward me. Sometimes, she sit like a queen under the brush. i needed to pet her head before i grabbed her up and took her home. Then at the lift, i need to see that NOONE is taking the lift with me. I usually hold on to sweetie till i entered the lift. Once lift reached level 8, i hold sweetie up again if Ah-leong door was opened. Once i pass his door, i will put sweetie on the floor where she will go running toward our door.

Notty gal, need me to take her home personally.

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