Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Nicks Of Animal Kingdom

Jennifer say:

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1)Real Name: Sweetie, character: A fat cat,current status: hidin somewhere
Nicks: SweetDiDi, little fellow

2)Real Name: Hamie, character: A medium fat hamster, current status: sleeping in sand bath
Nicks: Little fellow (again) (Past Nicks: furball)

3)Real Name: HamHam, character: A sicky female hamster, current status: sleepin under umbrella hideout
Nicks: None currently..just hamham (Past Nicks: little princess, furry, 小胖

4)Real Name: Ah bob, character: A 10-plus year terrapin, current status:unknown, may be sleepin also
Nicks: Professor bob (past Nicks: hmm..think dun have)

5) Real Name: Lizzie, character: A 8-plus year terrapin, current status: unknown, may be sleepin also
Nicks: Cannot recall (Past Nicks: None)

1 comment:

Kai Ling said...

Sweetie nick: meimei, fat cat
Bob nick: Bobzai
Lizzie nick: jiji, lizzie lizard


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