Thursday, May 05, 2005


Jennifer say:

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Today sweetie finally know where the proper place to pee pee..inside our toilet. I duno if she know herself or we taught her. but we always push her toward the water hole in our toilet. she must somehow know we wish her to pee there.

anyway today she at first wan to pee at the rag clothes, she had pee at the clothes twice. so notty and smelly when she did that. but i pushed her into the toilet. She ran out of the toilet. Then i went to mum room to watch tv. Sweetie then entered the room and went to the toilet. I peer at her..she stared at me. Then i ignored her. Suddently i saw sweetie squatin to prepare to pee. Wow, she at last pee at the rite place. She pee like for 20 seconds. Then she dashed out of the toilet.

I need to use cat food to make her stand still for me to wipe her bum. At last, she pee correctly. Good gal, sweetie.

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Kai Ling said...

So clever!!! Must reward her with more cat food so that she will perform more tricks!

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